"The Ausable Ugly"

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Ausable Ugly Dressing and Recipe

Ausable Ugly Materials and Tools

The "Ugly" was originated in 1999 at my vise one late August night, after fishing a bead head muskrat nymph that day with success, determined to make the  pattern better, I added a hen grizzly hackle and aggressively roughed up the entire fly with a stiff toothbrush, the result was an ugly looking fly, thus the "Ausable Ugly".  This fly can be tied from sizes # 18 to #2 , this nymph can be presented by the following methods: dead drifted at various depths, quarter cast downstream and slowly stripped back or aggressively retrieved. The "Ugly" is representative of many different nymphs and the larger patterns mimic small bait fish. The "Ugly" is an excellent all purpose attractor pattern nymph that can be fished all year around in moving or still water. Quoted the" Geter Done Fly" by many anglers.
The "Ugly" can be used for trout, bass, pike, and pan fish.

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