Current Fish Tales

Early May Tippet Tester

May 7th witnessed sunny skies and mid 70's temperatures. Water levels are dropping fast with no rain in the past 10 days and water temperatures are rising to a good fish able level seeing 52F in the AM to 58F in the PM. A guide and client effort produced several wild browns from 15" to 19", taken on every discipline in fly fishing, from nymphing, streamers and dry flies.

Banner Late April Trip

With snows in the upper elevations slowly melting off, recent daily temperatures in the Mid 50's to lower 60's with night time temperatures in the upper 30's to lower 40's the angling in the Northern ADKs and Northern NY is becoming better each day, trout season is truly in full swing for Northern NY.

April 29th saw my fishing companion and myself on a mid sized river with an over cast day looming over head with a light rain falling to later turn to a sunny late April afternoon. Pulling the thermometer from the water it read a promising 48F. The day was spent nymphing and streamer fishing with a combined effort of over 30 wild browns from 6" to 20". The fish aggressively attacked our #4-#6 Sirloin streamer offerings and equally attacked the # 8 Ausable Ugly nymph. Nearing the 3 PM mark of the day I noted a heavy BWO hatch and very sporadic Hendrickson hatch, as i walked up the river I started scanning the water for rising fish...yeah like it was going to happen in late April....believe it or not I targeted a rising fish, decided to go big and tied on a #12 comparadun Hendrickson pattern, 5th cast the fish took and I landed a 13" wild brown. The day was considered a banner day for late April angling with a forecast of fishing becoming only better.

Good Late April Fishing - 4.25.07

Recent warm weather with 4 days consecutively in the high 60's to mid 70's brought on a melt down of snow from higher and lower elevations in the Northern ADKs which turned all waters into raging torrents of unfishable waters.

With water conditions in an unfishable stage in the area of Wilmington, I decided to fish a smaller river in which flows from a lake and has a smaller gentle gradient drainage in the foothills of the Northern ADK's  thus river doesn't flood often and maintains a steady flow in the spring. This river I call an "early bloomer", it is the first in the area to become fishable and to produce fish, when other river systems are still very high and cold.

Starting fishing at 10am with a water temperature of 46F, I meticulously nymphed every deep and slow moving pocket and pool, the fish were tentative to strike, but as the day wore on and the sun heated the water to 50F, the fish began to feed actively. I managed to produce 30 plus wild browns over an 8 hour period.

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