Current Fish Tales

June 1st - 2nd  Rod Benders

First day of June saw slightly overcast skies and warm temperatures. Water temperature was 59F at 5:45 am and good clarity.

I chose to nymph fish my client over the riffles, holes and pools of a Northern NY river, employing The Ausable Ugly in a size #8 to imitate the current  dragon fly and sporadic Green Drake in the nymph stage.

At the end of a successfully guided trip, with 20+ fish landed and released, with most fish ranging 10" to 15" and a 20" and 21"wild brown to round out the trip, the client deemed the day as "MINT!!!

  Fish viewed are 2 different fish, look over the coloration in detail, both have a #8 Ausable Ugly firm set in their jaw.


Chris C. from the Toronto area produced the 1st in my guiding career, back to back 21" and 20" wild browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 2nd Rod Bender of the day

This 18" wild brown took a # 6 Sirloin

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