Pictured below is the West Branch of the Ausable shot on March 6th, this was the first high water to charge down the river drainage, this volume of water opened most of the river.

The pictures below were shot March 21st...the river is at a fishable level with caution to proper wading.


April 1st witnessed Northern NY rivers and streams in prime condition with below average water flow and excellent clarity, with the given conditions at hand I hooked 4 large wild browns and brought 2 into the net.


April 2nd witnessed angling over a smaller stream with 2 small wild and beautiful browns caught and released.


Heavy snow fall over the winter has impacted the major watersheds with a tremendous flow of water, the larger rivers are full, swift and cold making angling difficult.

Angling concentration is currently focused upon smaller streams and brooks with less water flow resulting in action with a dead drifted Ausable Ugly.

Please view the results.

Current rains have larger river systems stiff and full with water flow making angling difficult.
My guiding efforts are focused on smaller rivers-streams.
Please view the results....once again the Ausable Ugly gets the job done.


After 2 epic floods in a row, the river systems in Northern NY are starting to stablize and reced in flow.
Pictured below are the results of fishing smaller streams for brookies and hitting larger rivers in specific areas where during floods the fish can find safety from heavy waters.


Current rains have kept larger river systems stiff with water flow while smaller streams in the area are offering great fishing and easy wading.

Please view the efforts of guide and client.

Northern NY rivers have witnessed blow out #4!!!!

Pictured below is the WB Ausable on the rise on the morning of 5.27.11, by early evening the river jumped it's banks rendering it unfishable.

Just before flood # 4 hit the Nothern ADKs, I had the pleasure to guide this client to large browns and numerous brook trout on a small river over a 3 day period.

Each day saw 15-20 fish taken on drys, nymphs and streamers!!!!

Pictured below is the results of angling in high but clear water, focusing on waters that are feed from lakes-ponds with a lower gradient drainage flow during flood #4.


The river sheds of Northern NY are at great fishable levels with good water temperatures.

Please view the efforts of a father and son guided trip.

MID JUNE CRANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please view efforts of client and guide.

The client pictured below slammed this 22" wild brown on a #2 Sirloin.

This client's wild brown took a #8 Beadhead Telico.

After a strong morning of landing wild browns and native brook trout, this client set the hook on this 16" wild brown that took a #8 Ausable Ugly in a strong swift deep current, this was day 1 of a 2 day trip.....

Day 2 saw action on a backcounrty ADK stream with native brook trout and wild browns.

This client landed 2 slammers....wild browns!!!!, both fell to a #2 Sirloin.

This wild brown is LARGE!!!! and the client stated this the largest trout he ever landed!!!!!!

Northern NY rivers produced these 2 wild browns for this client, both were taken on a #2 Sirloin.

Warm weather saw 2 days spent dry fly fishing for native brrok trout in small backcountry streams.



Late July in the Northern ADKs has seen very little rain, hot sunny days and warm nights resulting in the larger rivers to have low water flows and high water temperatures.
The conditions at hand have resulted into my guiding efforts to focus upon smaller brooks with a stable water temperature.
Pictured below is a trip lead on a classic ADK freestone brook with the client landing native brook trout and wild rainbows....30 plus fish were hooked,landed and released.
The majority of the fish were taken on a #12 Ausable Ugly and the rest fell for a #10 Elk Hair Caddis.

An overcast light rainy day....the only day for with this condition for almost 2 weeks, witnessed outstanding dry fly angling during late July.
Below is the cream of the crop...17" wild brown taken on a #10 Elk Hair caddis...with nearly 20 more fish of smaller size to fall for this pattern,

On a humourus note in the guiding business...
pictured below is Sadie the Guide Dawg, pitbull-black lab mix, guiding my client in an up coming future guide status....

.......after a series of rookie guide moves......poor suggestions on patterns and presentation, mis-calculated efforts and putting fish down.....
Sadie the Guide Dawg was ushered to the bank side with a firm index finger gesture and harsh words....
Sadie forgave my client with all her heart...dogs always forgive...that's why we love them for what they are.

Mid August Bruisers

Both fish pictured below were taken on a #2 Sirloin.


Hurricane Irene brought unbridled devastation to the Northern ADKS!!!!!!
Bridges buckled then blew out, roads were undermined and eroded to a state of being impassable, houses were either swept away or badly damaged!!!!!

Every small rivulet to a major river exploded...making angling impossible for days, only recently I have ventured out personally to check out the damage and to fish.
All waters were either flooded or very high...and still are, the angling was easy....all fish were holding behind the largest obstructions or slower bankside eddies....
the approach and wading was extremely hard.

Cautionary note, all fishing on rivers and streams is currently very dangerous, if you are not a very strong expirenced wader, don't go fishing!!!!! may be swept away to a watery death.

I fished a smaller river populated with native brookies and wild browns, all fish were taken on either a Sirloin or Ausable Ugly,,
during 2 days of fishing , 30 + fish were caught and released.

Look hard at the photo below....Iso dun sneaked into the picture.

Tippet luvin stonefly!!!!!!

Labor Day Weekend Volunteer @ Ausable Forks....when many were enjoying the weekend marking the end of summer....
my wife,friends and I were volunteering to help those affected from Irene's path of destruction.


Hurricanes Irene and Lee have passed thru the Northern ADKs changing many rivers and small streams in structure forming new pools and removing existing pools....did the fish population survive????


The Northern ADK rivers are still producing angling opportunities, please view the pictures below.

This crankin' 19" wild brown slammed a # 6 Sirloin from the large water shed of the WB Ausable River.

The small streams held up equally as well....pictured below are the efforts of client and guide....resulting in 49 native brook trout from a classic freestone plunge pool stream.

Mid size rivers also survived....14" wild brown taken on a #8 Ausable Ugly.

Fall is here!!!!

The Northern ADKs is currently expirencing outstanding angling!!!
Water temperatures are slowly dropping and river levels are stable.

Soup of the day...
"Wild Apple with a touch of Maple in an organic stream foam"

The native brook trout are showing fall colors.

All fish pictured were caught and released on a #8 Ausable Ugly.

Fall color at it's best!!!!!!!!


Pictured below are fall trout taken on the water tempertures cool insect activity slows down and the trout key in on baitfish.

Landlocked Salmon from Lake Champlain

Trout season continues in the Northern ADKs....thank you special regulations waters.

Late Season Browns

All fish pictured were taken on a
#8 Ausable Ugly very slowly dead drifted.

14" snowfall hit the Northern was still good after the storm and before the melting run off.

Unseasonably warm December weather witnessed open waters and eager LL Salmon slamming my streamer presentation.
In total 12 salmon brought to the net and released...3 browns to add and 5 more missed.

Land Locked Atlantic Salmon of Winter

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