I reversed the role and became the guided.

Looking for the Grand Slam...

- steelhead
-lake run rainbow
-coho salmon
-king salmon
-lake run brown
-land locked Atlantic salmon

This is my guide looking over the water...a great effort put forth...see the pictures below.

Contact information for this guide:


1st lake run rainbow... 1 down with 5 more to follow.

20" of lake run rainbow

1st and only Coho salmon....2 down...4 more to complete the grand slam!!!! unique looking fish.

Rod bender!!!! King Salmon...3 down.. 3 more fish species to go!!!!

Steelhead of 4 landed....2 more species of lake run fish to follow.

Bright....full of fight...fresh from the lake....this fish ran 50 yards before contained!!!

2nd lake run rainbow...10 lbs of tippet testing fight..all fish were landed on 6 lbs flourocarbon tippet.

Tall autumn grass, small stream and big fish...

.... 12 lbs of lake run brown...1 fish from the lake to go to complete the grand slam!!!

Hand to kype comparison for a size recognition.

Chomer!!!!! this fish fought hard.

A memory well planted!!!

Just can't get the Coho image out of my mind....what a differnt looking fish!!!!

NO grand slam....came up short on the Land locked Atlantic year!!!!!.... no worries this is called fishing!!!

Mid October Browns

14" wild brown on a fall day.

Hand full of wildness!!!

18" of cold day wild brown.

Blue fall sky and big browns.

15" wild brown from a small stream...this was a trophy!

#8 Ugly firmly in the jaw of this 14" wild brown.

....another wild brown can't resist the Ugly.

Well this is not brown, but this king salmon was in a trout river staging for spawning.

Salmon in a trout stream???

15" holdover brown slams a #2 Sirloin.

Fall is in full swing...water levels and temperatures are good...see the results below.

1st trout on fly rod with many more to follow!!!!

Immersed in fall leafs..16" wild brown.

Pat set the hook hard on this fish...then brought it to the net.

#8 Ugly comes through!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall beauty at it's finest... 16"wild brown, leaves in the water and #8 Ugly firmly planted!

14" wild brown slams #8 Ugly.

Finest attractor pattern nymph...#8 Ugly in the jaws!!!

Autumn flow.

Late September Bruiser!!!

Fish of a life time!!!!!!

26" wild brown taken on a #8 Ausable Ugly




September angling starts off hot....
pictured below are the efforts of client and guide under
trying low water and warm weather conditions.

This 18" wild brown slammed a #8 Ugly.

Trophy in hands!!!!

#2 Sirloin dredged this 19" wild brown from the depths.


This client chose to do a warm water fishing trip for bass and sunfish....

This water is hard to access, the journey to the rapids took 45 minutes
by small boat and 2 portages over smaller rapids.

All the bass and sunfish landed fell for a #8 Ausable Ugly....
except for the largest bass pictured above....
a #4 Sirloin got the job done!

At some point in the trip my client lost count of the end of
the trip we estimated about 60 fish were landed!

Watch the video...this could be you next!!!!

Joe and the Warm Water Fishes

Late July - Early has it been hot!!!!

Check out this wild brown....slammed a #8 Sirloin!!

A cooling trend is in order and the angling will become more productive.
This brown was taken on a small stream after a major line of severe thunder storms struck dropping much needed rain.

Pictured below are my efforts at small mouth bass fishing.
All bass were brought to thumb grip by using a #8 Ausble Ugly or #4 Olde Lead Knuts

These bass were caught and released on the Racquette River in Potsdam, NY......
This is where I learned to fished and spent my boyhood years relentlessly pounding the river, all I have learned on this river
has been translated into my guiding business...this was the testing grounds!!!!

Native brookies from a small stream revisited after a 10 year leave....

........this is part of the buckle list completed.....
fantastic to return to an old stream steeped deep in memories to find the angling as it was a decade ago!!!!!

All trout pictured fell for a #12 Ausable Ugly

Mid July conditions are currently witnessing hot temperatures, no rain and low water....
this has made for difficult angling....none the less pictured below are efforts put forth by both
client and guide...all trips started at day break and ended by 10 AM.

17" Wild brown engulfed a #2 Sirloin

Sirloin Power!!!!...this pattern gets the job done!!!!

Inspection of a beautiful 15" wild brown rested in the net on a misty ADK morning

The 15" wild brown took a #8 Ausable Ugly

This happy young man spent the morning hammering smallmouths!!!!!

Small stream....cold water, this brook's water temperature was measured at 59F resulting in
native brookies and wild browns that slammed a #8 Ausable Ugly

Early July Lunker.....

This 20" wild brown fell for a #2 Sirloin on the second cast into the pool after my client had cast nearly 15 times
with a stone fly nymph pattern with no results


This 20" wild brown slammed a #2 Sirloin!!!!

A beautiful wild brown taken on a #6 Sirloin!!!!

....and yet another wild brown slams the Sirloin and is brought to net and released.

Pictured below is a client who was treated to a backcountry adventure for native brook trout,
the trip resulted in the client stating" I have lost count of fish".


Mid May collection of trout!!!!!!!

This client pictured below chose to fish 3 days of small streams for native brook trout....each day saw 25 plus trout.

Pictured below a wild brown that taped out at 23"

This angler was a beginner....until I polished up her skills!!!!!


Early May Clients

Pictured below are native brookies from a small river that afforded easy wading and plenty of fish.

Clients who fished the small river had this to say.....

" Thanks so Much Richard. Great photos and great memories. Luke and I were buzzing after yesterday and he is on cloud 9.
You did an amazing job getting a couple of very green fisherman over some lovely water and gorgeous fish.
Aside from the great fishing we really appreciated the tips and tricks you showed us and we look forward to another trip with you at some point. " the trip's end 20 plus fish were landed and released.

The waters of the Northern Adirondacks are slowly warming up and holding temperature in late April.

Pictured below are wild browns that slammed a #8 Ugly in 48F water.

The day after the above pictured fish were caught and released, I went back to river and managed 6 wild browns over the course of the day.
This day is what I call "Guide's Day Off".

Click on the wild brown below to see more pictures and video:

Early April Brookies

New York State 2012 Trout Season is here!!!!!!

Pictured below are my efforts of very early April

See the underwater release:

All streams and larger rivers are completly free of ice and are currently running clear ,cold and low for early April.

This 19" brown slammed a #2 Sirloin

The first 3 days of trout season witnessed days in the mid 40's F and each night diving into the low20's F
resulting in cold water, picture is the highest temperature recorded during the 3 days.

Stonefly activity was in full force during the warmest period of each day.

This 12" hold over brown fell for a #8 Ugly...check out the scars on this fish, rough winter and harsh spring brought upon these scars.

This 17" brown chased down a #2 Sirloin.

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