March is the transition month ...high hopes of a new season is in sight.

View the what my eyes are seeing currently.

Northern ADK rivers are slowly breaking up shedding their icy cover..the past 3 days have witnessed temperatures in the mid 40F,
the melt off is on the way.

I employed a #2 Sirloin in my endevours to coax out cold water trout...I had one follow and a miss...shaking out the winter lack of angling.

Day #2 of cabin fever presents my efforts on a Lake Champlain trib with hopes of lake run Atlantic salmon.

2013 NYS Season Opening Day!!!

April 1st witnessed Northern NY rivers at a great early season level and exceptional clarity, no snow melt or rain for 5 days prior
allowing me to safely wade into casting position....2 wild browns brought to net...2 more stung hard not to return for a second
helping of a #2 Sirloin and 2 more trout follow the offering but not strike.

The water was cold!!! 37 F....all trout that stuck the Sirloin took very slowly.

The weather played an important role on opening day....the start of the day saw overcast skies and showers for about 5 hours
then the predicted cold front hit with heavy winds and snow...the switch went to OFF for feeding!!!

Mid April Cold water Browns

River conditions greeted me with strong, high, but clear flow.
All wild browns pictured took a #2 Sirloin fished deep and slow.

#2 Sirloin planted firmly!!!!!

Only 2 browns landed over the course of 8 hours of angling in cold and high water , with 4 more missed.

Mid April Lake Ontario Steelhead...personal trip before the ADK waters are fishable.

2 NYS Guides team up to fish small tributaries that feed Lake Ontario.

David with a large male steelhead...
If you are interested in putting a fish of this size in a net and on a memory card...

Contact information for this guide:

David Vezendy

Large male steelhead brought to net after 200 yard chase down stream thru brush and logs!!!

This male steelhead taped out at 31".

Bluebird browns and sunny early May skies

Early May in Northern NY has witnessed sunny days and warm weather with no rain resulting in quickly rising water temperatures
and watersheds with a lower rates of flow making angling productive.

Under bright blue skies Ben had this 17" wild brown slam a #2 Sirloin.

Pictured below are 2 wild browns that fell to a #2 Sirloin.

16" wild brown taken on #12 Beadhead Pheasant Tail...the Hendrickson hatch was full bore surface feeding
but nymphing was the key to match the imature stage of this early season hatch.

14" wild brown fooled by #2 Sirloin.

#12 Beadhead Pheasant Tail finds the mark!!

Early May water temperature at 56F by late morning.

Good lookin' wild brown.

16" wild brown took a #2 Sirloin...look closely at the jaw of this fish...catch and release in action...
another angler had taken this fish and released it to live...release all your fish!!!!

Backcountry trip into the ADK woods for small native brook trout.
This trip saw angling in pristine forest settings other anglers and no sounds of vehicles...
30 minutes thru the woods to the stream, then 1 hour and 20 minutes back to the truck when we were finished.

All brookies...37 in total were taken on a #12 Ausable Ugly.

The brookies were 6" to 8".

The "Turtle Head Log" amazing natural structure and guardian of this small stream!!

Backcountry angling at it's finest


Mid May Bruisers!!!

Mid to later May has witnessed Northern NY watersheds at a low levels and clear ...
the angling has been tough and hard work of both client and guide to bring these
beautiful wild browns to the net and to be released.

Mike slams 19" wild brown on a #2 Sirloin under blue blazing skies.

Native brook trout fooled on #8 Ugly

19" wild brown soon to be released.

16" wild brown was victim to a dry fly!!!! #12 Adams Parachute.

David hauls out a 18" wild brown on a #10 stonefly pattern.

Please get that #12 Adams Parachute out of my jaw!!!!!!

Colorful native brook trout.

Mike nails a 19" wild brown on a #12 Flashback Pheasant Tail

Mike lands a good lookin' native brook...1st of about a dozen.

Patrick firmly set the hook on this fine 16" wild brown...this fish took a #8 Ausable Ugly.

#8 Ugly firmly planted!!!!

15" of wildness...brown trout!!!!

Late May..from Burning hot weather to flooded rivers...
Northern NY watersheds experienced low water levels and warm temperatures
making angling difficult...then the rains came and flooded rivers heavily!!

17" wild brown taken on a #8 Ugly!!!

Ugly firmly planted in the bottom jaw of this magnificent fish!!!

What a beauty!!!!

17" wild brown taken on a bright and sunny day!

#2 Sirloin hits home on this fish.

21" of wild brown....timing the rise of a river can lead to great angling!!!
Client and guide worked over a steady rising river employing a #2 Sirloin..
the result was 6 wild brown trout between 17" and 21"...the wading was hard
and the rain was steady with the air temperature at 45F.

Watch the results:

Soaked and stoked!!!!...21" male brown.

Fantastic coloration on this beauty!!

Big female brown!!!!

More big and beautiful wild browns!!!

Key to success is knowledge of a river's drainage characteristics...learn the patterns
and you will get into large fish!!!!

Late May into early June the Northern NY watersheds went through various changes
from low and clear water levels to raging over the banks into the grass flows...
these conditions presented challenging guiding adventures.

Small stream angling for native brookies and wild browns.

George brings a hefty brown to the net!!!!

When the larger rivers are difficult the angling efforts are turned to smaller
more manageable brooks/streams often resulting in great action.

Andy with one of many brookies taken on a small stream.

Wild brown trout action on a small river...this 11" beauty took a dry fly.

12" wild brown hammered a #8 Ugly!!!

More dry fly action!!!!!

....and now for the slammers...during a short period of time the larger rivers
receded to a manageable level resulting in large wild browns.

#2 Sirloin gets the job done!!!!

Ricky brings 22" wild brown to the net.

Huge and beautiful!!!!

17" wild brown...yet another fish to slam a #2 Sirloin!!!

Extremely colorful brown.

Upon river insect activity I noted the stoneflys starting to hatch....
#8 Beadhead Telico brings many trout to the net and then released.


14" Wild brown

Small backcountry brook trout stream loaded with native brookies!!!

50+ brookies were landed on this trip taken on dry and wet patterns...
45 minute walk in to the people just great fishing
and beautiful Adirondack settings.

#14 Ugly lands the native brook trout.

Brook trout haven!!!!

17" wild brown nails #12 Ugly.

Happy angler!!

This brown refused dry fly patterns...then after 2 casts with a #12 Ugly..a hard strike
and then to the net and released.

August triumphs!!!!!

17" wild brown nails #10 Ausable Ugly.

Brand new to the sport this person took my "Learn to Fly Fish" class and landed 14 fish on his first day
of fly fishing...including the 17" wild brown.

Mid August witnessed a get away from trout fishing...pike and bass were the target!

This 17" smallmouth bass slammed a #8 Ausable Ugly!

Leading a trip up a warm water river in search of bass and pike.

In my efforts to bring bass to hand my faithful fishing partner Sadie the fish luvin' dawg oversaw the entire process!!!

Fall is here!!!!!

September brookie.

This client brings another fall brookie to hand!!!

#8 Sirloin firmly planted!

Complete beginer....lands 15" brown plus a dozen more fish!

Wild brown taken on an attactor pattern in the foothills of the ADKs...25+ combo of brookies and browns for the day.

Results of raging spring floods!!!!!

Average brookie for the day.


An excited complete beginer lands her first was difficult and she dug in and got the job done.

Mike lands a 15" wild brown from the Hawg Whole.

Words alone will not tell of the fantastic day this angler expirenced!!

Peter was introduced to a 10' 0" 2 WT nymphing rod and the skills needed to operate the rod...24" of wild brown.

More nymphing....16" wild brown.

#8 Beadhead Telico get's it done!!!

Large fish....stoked angler!!!

Ready to be released.


All pictures below were taken in mid/ late September.

The Deer River in full autumn glory..a personal trip with many browns landed and NO other anglers all day.

19" rainbow landed and released.

The angler who got the job done!

ADK river bathed in fall colors.

Jason brings 17" of wild brown to net.

Soon to be released!!!

Bluebird brown..16" of wild fish.

This angler commissioned a tying of a dozen #2 Sirloins...see the results of this pattern.

23.5" of wild brown!..this was a 71st birthday gift for this angler.

Triple wing #2 Sirloin.

The following 3 pictures below are of my father...avid angler,friend,and my inspiration to fish and guide.
My father took great pride in my guiding skills and the business that I have developed.
We spent many days on the water together as a boy learning from my father to a skilled guide working with my father to put fish into the net.

On October 12th Jim Garfield lll lost his long battle with cancer...I lost a father and friend.....
but not my inspiration generated from this man to guide , teach and fish.

I will miss him.

Please view my tribute to my father, I had the opportunity to fish the rivers near my hometown while visiting/looking over my father.


The tribute starts here....

The fishing gods were on my side this day...29 wild brown trout landed in 3 hours...all on a #10 Ausable Ugly.

I visited a small stream which I fished as a young boy, the stream was still loaded with native brookies...23 landed...#14 Ausable Ugly.

At this point in my stay in my hometown and house my father had passed away... I had 3 days of NYS trout season left...
I buckled in for the last 2 days....

See the results.

October 14th witnessed 34 fish landed and released...the fish were taken on a 10' 0" 2WT nymphing rod
employing a 9' 6" leader system with a double nymph presentation...
# 10 Ausable Ugly dropper fly and # 10 stonefly pattern.

#10 ugly finds the mark.

19.5" of wild male brown.

16" wild brown takes #10 Ugly. your face..or in this case in the jaw.

More Ugly in the jaw...this is a must have pattern!!! all of its color.

This bow was fiesty...fought hard.

15" wild brown in the leaves.

14" wild brown bathed in the fallen foilage.

16" wild brown laid against the rocks.

15" wild brown...took # 10 stone fly pattern.

Late November Lake Ontario Tribs....

12 pounds of female rainbow.

Fresh from the lake!!!

Chrome at it's finest shade.

More Chrome!!!!

Sunrise and high sticking.

Early Morning Steelhead.

Chromer in to be released.

The COLD Days.....

This steelhead took an egg pattern in 34F water temperature.

#10 Egg pattern planted firmly in the scissors!!!!

Chrome on snow!!

Chomer posing on the ice sheet.

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