Roaring Gems of Northern New York


Major Watersheds of Northern New york

The Ausable, Saranac, Chateaugay, Raquette, St.Regis and Salmon rivers are the
major watersheds of Northeastern New York. These waters are classic pocket water rivers, offering an unique
style of fishing. These waters start as small pristine mountain streams gaining force to become full fledged rivers of Northern New York. 


Pocket Water Fishing Technique

Pocket water is characterized by a swift current broken into multiple currents by boulders, logs and other obstacles strewn throughout the river.
The slack water behind the boulders is known as a pocket water.

Fish holding areas exist in front of the boulders, on either side of the boulders and behind the boulders.

Proper pocket water fishing technique is one of wading into the river, making short accurate correct presentation casts to a pocket, this will be a repetitive
action as one works upstream to the next pocket.

 You will be on the move constantly, fishing from pocket to pocket,providing new opportunities and action.
Brown trout are the predominant fish in these waters, followed by rainbows and brook trout.


Your guided fishing trip generally begins very early in the morning and continues into early afternoon fishing in an upstream manner covering the river, with breaks in between fishing for food and rest, your day will be roughly 8 hours spent on the water, this will not include travel time to fishing destinations.

Fishing instruction is included on every fishing trip, this guide service is not a " point and fish while smoking a cigar" " service, I will instruct through the entire trip, my goal is to educate the client in both physical skills and the understanding of the waters.

Recommended Equipment

  • Rods - 8'6"- 9'6 in length and 4WT-6WT, with 9'0-5WT most recommended accompanied by a weight forward floating line.
  • Wading staff is an absolute must!!!! FFTA will provide a wading staff if needed. 
  • You will need a backpack, water or beverage, food, rain coat, fleece top or sweater and insect repellent.
  • Your guide will carry backup reel, rod, fly selection, water filter, 1st aid kit, maps, digital camera, extra food, and on stream repair kit.
  • Polarized sunglasses with the lens color being amber, rose, or brown....dark lens make for difficult vision on the water.


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