Small Streams

Small Streams...Gems of Northern New York

Wild browns and native brookies await your well delivered presentation.....

Get away from the crowded public waters and reward yourself with solitude, scenery, and native fish
 plus strains of wild fish. A trip to a small stream may not yield trophy fish, but plenty of willing fish to
provide action. During the heat of the summer, small streams generally sustain colder temperatures
due to being well shaded by foliage and the influx of many cold water springs, these combined factors
often result in midday action when the larger rivers have stopped producing action.


Small stream trips can range from a short walk to easy accessible waters or long hikes to less pressured
waters, the duration of the remote trips will vary from 6 hours to 10 hours or more with no split of the day.

Pictured below is client who opted for small stream fishing over a larger river.

Watch a short clip of the trip:

Having landed 40 fish....he was ready to call the day as an extreme measure of great fishing..
upon my urging!!!...9 more native brookies were landed in a 15 minute span.
Although the brookies are small, the action was constant.


An on stream instructional trip can be booked for small stream tactics and skills need to properly fish
 mountain brooks and small streams. The instructional will cover fly selection, how to read and approach
the water, specialized casting techniques, equipment needed for remote fishing excursions and more.

Small streams can be rewarding by offering less fished waters,
 no other anglers to contended with, scenery
 and native brookies along with wild browns and rainbows.

If "size matters", this style of trip may not be for you.

Seeking solitude, beauty of surroundings and native-wild fish this trip is definitely for you.

The small stream expirence gives you the chance to see creatures and the natural beauty of the ADK forest.


  • Rods - 6'0"- 7'6", 1WT - 4WT , travel rods preferred for remote excursions.
  • Waist high waders and solid felt sole boots for remote excursions....CLEAN OF ROCK SNOT THREATS!!!
  • Trips to remote waters require a backpack, water or beverage, food, rain-coat, fleece top or sweater, and insect repellent.
  • Your guide will carry back up reel, rod, fly selection, and water filter, 1st aid kit, maps, on stream repair kit and digital camera.
  • FFTA will provide a rod and reel if interested in this type of trip , it will be provided at no extra charge.



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