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This is a testimonial of my recent trip with Rich Garfield.....

The day started at 5:00am in the morning by 5:45am we were already catching fish.

On this trip, I decided to bring a friend Dave Saitkowski along because I knew that Dave would learn a lot about fly-fishing from Rich. I had previously done a trip with Rich the year before which was also an excellent trip. We started catching some smaller fish first thing in the morning on dry flies then we went to fishing down deep with nymphs.

Throughout the morning, we caught and released over 20 browns and rainbows.

Several fish measuring in length of 15 to 18 inches. Dave had a slammer on early but did not land him. About 11:00am Rich said to me Tom I would like to try one more hole up river before we take a break for the afternoon, I said ok lets do it. Rich removed my tippet and changed it to a 6 lb tippet before the walk upstream. When we arrived at the hole Rich says run the nymph through the tail end of the hole first. I did with no strikes, he said ok now move to the center of the hole. On my first cast in the center of the hole a monster brown took my nymph and the fight was on for about 10 minutes, Rich finally netted this fish and at the same time he went down into the water up to his neck and came up with the fish which was a 22 inch brown. I said to myself this guy is a "real north country guide." The second part of the day which started at 5:00pm went just as well as the morning, hooking up with several brown and rainbow trout ranging from 12 inches to 17 inches. I have been on many guided fishing trips in my life, but none can match the trips I had with Rich Garfield (THE GAR) from Fly Fish The Adirondacks guide service. I will continue to use your guiding services for years to come and thank you for a great time every time.


Thomas Compoli

I wanted to thank you personally.....

Dr. Rich,

I wanted to thank you personally for the 2 wonderful days my kids and I spent with you. I have been lucky enough to fish around the world and there is one constant to the outing and that is the guide's enthusiasm for the sport and the client. Your enthusiasm is fantastic, you had two novice kids over fish and catching trout within the first hour, thus increasing thier excitement and appreciation for the sport, job extremely well done.

It is because of my experience with guides that made me want to write this and thank you. I cant describe the pleasure of hearing my kids ask excitedly about going fishing with Rich. I whole heartily urge anyone who loves to fish, who wants to share that with their kids to book Rich and let the experience begin. If you are an expert all the more reason to share the passion with a like minded guide who loves his profession, thanks again Rich.


Hunter Hallowell

Most catch and release fly-fishers.....
Most catch and release fly-fishers have two continual problems: where to fish, and when you get there, how to catch trout. Both of these challenges loom large for me: where to fish in the Adirondacks, and how to catch a fish or two in these hard-pummeled public waters. With time always in short supply and the Adirondacks so vast, one practical solution to these twin problems is to use the services of a guide who both knows the area and who can show you how to catch fish. Rich Garfield is such a guide. I have had some memorable days under his friendly tutelage. He has taken me away from my usual crowded haunts and shown me other places, has pointed out where the fish hang out and how to have a chance at catching them. Often this means nymphing, and Rich showed me how to do this efficiently without all that messy strike indicator stuff. I’m still not good at it, missing far more than I land, but I do know what to shoot for, and it’s fun to miss some solid hits. Rich Garfield sized me up, suggested some fishing options, and then put his talents to work to make me feel good on the stream. On my last day with him in mid-September 2004, despite the high water levels from hurricane Frances, he found me fish able water and fish. By 4pm, despite the prospect of an evening of rising fish, I had had my fill. Any more would have been just greed, so I headed happily home, a contented angler. Rich Garfield solved both my fly-fishing problems on that splendid day, and I look forward to more such days in the seasons ahead.

Howard Bussey


…And He Ages Like Wine.

Please, allow me tell you of the best guide I have ever known.

I have known Rich “Gar” Garfield for the better part of 15 years and have fished with him from the beginning. The one thing I can say about him is that he is the most accomplished and personable guide I have ever fished with and I have fished with many guides in many different areas of the country. If it swims and has fins, he’ll catch it!

Each spring has been approached with a renewed enthusiasm and heightened confidence in my fishing skills and abilities, ready to meet the challenges an Adirondack trout stream has to offer along with the added challenge of out fishing my guide and friend, Gar. While the fish that inhabit the rivers and streams of this famed region have, over time, succumbed to my improved dexterity and proficiency with a fly rod, I am happy to say that I have never had the good fortune to out perform my companion. Every year I leave the stream a more educated angler, having been bettered by his experience with the most knowledgeable of teachers.

Every year we reunite to apply old lessons, revisit stories of trips past, and to create new ones for ourselves. The myriad of information Gar freely shares with me and with his other clients is absolutely invaluable. Each time we meet, the present trip becomes more memorable than the last for many reasons. Be it new techniques in casting and presentation, instruction on reading a new body of water, landing more and larger fish than the year before, or a warm belly full of laughter, I know two truths to be certain: I will always fish with this man and along with his skills, he ages like wine. 


                                    Michael Tamialis

Fly fishing always seemed more than dropping.....

Fly fishing always seemed more than dropping a line & hook in the water, it's so much more and who better to guide a beginner than "Gar." I received a Father's Day present to fly fish and what a great day. We set out early, walked deep into the woods destination known only to Rich. The instruction and conversation are unmatched. Many "UBU's" were quenched leading up to this day, so I knew it was going to be great.  I've known Rich several years before this day occurred so personally it was so much more. I visit Lake Placid a couple times a year and make it my business to pay him a visit.

Steve in NJ

Steven L. Chait, BA,MICP,CCEMTP
The University Hospital - EMS
Critical Care Transport Team
P.O. Box 1709
Newark, NJ 07101-1709
Cell: 973-953-4415
Pager: 866-208-6365

I just wanted to thank you for the Adirondack fly-fishing experience of a lifetime!!!!.......

Dear Mr. Rich “Gar” Garfield,

I just wanted to thank you for the Adirondack fly-fishing experience of a lifetime! Your knowledge of the vast and varying river systems of the region was astounding, as evidenced by the 25+ browns and brookies taken on two days most fishermen would have stayed in bed. Few guides have the confidence and the knowledge to venture off of the “name” rivers the day after a 2” downpour that literally washed-out every pool, run and riffle for thirty miles, but to produce the quantity and quality of fish you did after back-to-back sky-opening evening storms was simply unthinkable.

Not only did you find the fish, you tactfully extended my casting and fishing skills to match the challenges presented by the waters and bank vegetation I would have previously thought un-fishable! Thanks for the wall-hanger brown (replica of course).

I’ve traveled North America, Asia and Europe extensively over the past twenty years and have had the pleasure of dropping a “dry” or two (along with several nymphs, streamers and terrestrials) in several of the better-known rivers, streams and alpine lakes throughout those continents. Suffice it to say that your skills as guide, a teacher and a wilderness expert are more formidable than any I’ve experienced.

Thank you and until next spring- tight lines!


                                     Mark Lehn


As I look forward to a new season.....


I hope the winter has treated you and yours well. As I look forward to
the beginning of a new season I wanted to write and let you know about
an exciting 3 day Fall fishing trip I and two friends had last year with 
you as our guide. We spent our time on the Salmon
and Chateaugay rivers, where exactly I can't disclose under the threat
of physical violence. The fishing was excellent, both in quantity and
quality, even though we were fighting low water conditions. I cannot
overstate the value of a good guide who has done their homework and
knows what will work in all conditions. Rich fits that
description perfectly. Blend in his ability to communicate, good
nature and love of flyfishing and you have the makings of a perfect day.
We had three days just like that. During this seemingly unending
winter I catch myself drifting back to those days on the river, the
fish, the colors and it made getting through almost bearable. I have
fished with Rich in the past but this is the first time I have taken the
time to write. I look forward to the upcoming 2007 season and I am
excited about a return trip and enlisting Rich again. See you
on the river!

Your Very Satisfied Customer,
Randy Schott


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