I have been a spin fisherman exclusively for as long as I can remember.......

I have been a spin fisherman exclusively for as long as I can remember, but eventually agreed to attempt fly fishing after about two years of prodding from a friend of mine.  When I finally decided to throw my hat in the fly fishing ring,  my friend began to tell me about a guide that he uses in the Wilmington area. I have used guides during my angling history and have not had the most pleasant experiences. They have ranged from pretentious and condescending to disinterested to hung over from being obviously over served the previous evening. With that being said, I agreed to trust and was scheduled for a day of tutorial fly fishing with Rich Garfield. I met Rich at about three O’ Clock in the morning and was introduced to an individual who appeared energetic to a fault and was genuinely excited to get me on the water catching fish as soon as humanly possible. Once on the water, his instruction of a student, (who had only cast a fly rod in the back yard for twenty minutes), was patient and thorough and his knowledge of the waters as well as the art of fly fishing was truly remarkable. When the day was done, I had caught three Rainbows and six Brown Trout including a 21 inch slammer. I’m told this is not too bad for a “first timer”.  My experience being on the water with Rich was one of the most rewarding angling experiences of my life. When I look back, I don’t remember the fish as much as I remember the fishing and the laughs. And that’s saying something,,,for a first timer.
Would I go back? ………………………………………….It’s already been booked.

                                                           Chris Foster
                                                            Rotterdam NY
                                                           June 2007

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