Mike Bennet.....

I've been a spin fisherman my entire life, but have always been interested in learning to fly fish.  A few years ago I finally decided to purchase a few books on the art and teach myself the basics.  The casting became easy, but I was still having trouble with reading the waters and fly selection/presentation.  After several attempts with no results, I decided to look up fly fishing guides. My uncle used to fly fish but fell out of the sport years ago; he was excited to get back into it but admitted he was rusty and needed some practice.  After researching guides on the Internet, we located Rich Garfield's website and booked a trip with him.  After my first conversation with Rich on the phone I felt like I already knew him.  We met Rich at 6:15am on May 7th.  As soon as we stepped out of the truck I felt like I was already learning.  The fishing conditions were extremely tough as it had been 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky for several days.  The trout were bedded down and not feeding.  Rich warned us of this but we wanted to fish anyway.  We got in the river and began our day quickly.  Rich's method of instruction was extremely effective, and I was able to pick up on everything with great ease.  Within a few hours, my confidence level went through the roof and I felt like I had been fly fishing for years.  After moving several fish and missing a few, I landed a beautiful 19" native brown trout.  My uncle had an even larger one on for several seconds but unfortunately it was able to free itself.  After one day on the water with Rich, I have a much better understanding on fly fishing as a whole.    Two weeks later I was back in the Adirondacks and fished a section of the Hudson that I had never been to.  After reading the water with ease and using my first choice of fly, I landed a nice smallmouth bass in one three casts.  Rich Garfield is a wealth of knowledge when it come to fly fishing, and I would recommend his services to anyone.  I'll probably be booking another trip soon with my brother who is now eager to learn after hearing about our experience. 

Thank's Rich, your the man!

George Robinson...

Not bad for a first timer with FFTA!!!
Being an avid fly fisherman for 12 years and always eager to learn more, a friend of mine recommended a guided trip with Rich Garfield of  After checking availibility dates, I was lucky enough to find two consecutive days at the end of May when Rich was available.  Still early in the winter of 2012 at the time of booking, I spoke with Rich over the phone who seemed as eager as I was to get out on the river and do some fishing the next day.  The communication process throughout the winter was great all the way up to the very day of my trip.  I met Rich on the river at 5:30 a.m. on 29 May.  Just like he advised me the night before, "George, we're gonna get out on the river early, I'm gonna greet you with a handshake at the meeting area, and then we're gonna go take care of business".  First impressions are huge, I have to tell you that Rich seemed just as excited (if not more) to get on the water.  Let me tell you, we took care of business over the next two days!  I soon found out that I wished I knew half the things Rich has forgot about fly fishing.  I cannot express how much I learned in the two days of my guided trip.  It was everything from reading water, proper fly selection for specific situations, casting, mending, playing fish, and even proper wading.  Yes folk's, im not too proud to say it, there was definately some WUMBLING going on.  On your trip, Rich will tell you what WUMBLING is all about!  There were many NATIVE fish caught, rested, photographed, and released, several 18" and up, the biggest being close to 21".  Once I had "fish on" it almost seemed like Rich himself had the fish on the line!  His enthusiasm was amazing and he took time to make sure the photos of your trophy's will be remembered forever.  I took the values that I learned on my trip back to my home waters and have experienced great success (ALONG WITH A #6 SIRLOIN!!!!!!!).  Why look anywhere else, if you want the experience of a lifetime right here in New York State, check availibility and schedule a trip!  I cannot wait for my next trip!

Rich, once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!
George Robinson 

Jim and Barb Sanford......

Three years ago, my wife and I visited friends in Wyoming. During the trip, I was reintroduced to fly fishing.  Something I had tried a few times and really enjoyed back in the late 60’s.
Returning back to Upstate New York, I made up my mind that I wanted to give it another go and started looking for someone to teach me how to properly fly fish.
Looking for help, I stumbled across Rich’s website and booked a teaching trip for both myself and my wife the summer of 2012.  During that basic training of fly fishing we were both
impressed with Rich’s ability  to break fly fishing down to simple thoughts and actions. That first trip I even learned how to WUMBLE.  For those that have fished with Rich you know what
I mean. He has the patience to work with the beginner and also someone just trying to step up their game and get better.  His knowledge of fly fishing techniques and of the local rivers is
outstanding and he works very hard to put you on fish.   I would highly recommend Rich Garfield to anyone!----Jim Sanford
I also starting fly fishing three years ago and learned in a hurry that fly fishing is definitely not as easy as it looks.  With the intuitive teaching techniques and expertise of Rich Garfield, I am
learning to catch fish and enjoying my time on the various rivers. Learning from Rich is NOT just about fishing.............he is a treasure of information and a compassionate advocate of all nature,it’s habits and habitats. It is not just the quantity of fish caught (he might argue this), BUT the quality of time spent and with Rich you are getting top quality in both respects.
Thank you Rich for opening my eyes to a whole new world----Barb Sanford

Patrick Molinari......

"Part poet, part explorer, Richard is much more than just a guide for hire. He is simply that fishing partner we all want to explore rivers with. Fuelled by a passion to teach and learn from others, his appetite for understanding what makes fish tick is second to none. He lives in symbiosis with nature and respects all that is living. Yes Richard transfers tactics, getting that mend correct and choosing that special fly, but he also transmits to us the importance of how to read water and deciphering weather patterns, fundamentals needed before we can apply our skills. And...a great story teller.

Sign me on please". - Patrick Molinari 

Mike Politis....

On a recent Adirondack fishing trip I had the pleasure to use the guide service of Fly Fish The Adirondacks.  Rich Garfield  provides a total fishing experience. I say experience because Rich throughly explains all aspects which go into making time on the water a success.  From stream and fly selection to casting tips to reading the water and weather to equipment plus a lot more. Rich clearly makes his point.  He is on top of his game.  In addition, he worked very hard to always put me on fish.  The fishing was fantastic.  Being on clear Adirondack streams, not encountering another angler and catching trophy trout. It doesn't get any better.  Actually, it does.  Rich carries professional quality photography equipment and knows how to use it.  I received high quality photographs, via E-mail, of my catch. All at no extra charge.  Throughout the country I have used the services of many guides for various types of fishing.  I can say without a doubt that Rich  provides a far superior trip.  He is the total package.  I will continue to use his services and highly reccomend him to good people. 

Kudos to Rich Garfield!!! 

Andrew Schonbek.....

Rich Garfield – Legendary Adirondack Fly Fishing Guide

If you book an outing with Rich you better be prepared.

You won’t be taking sedentary shots at foolish hatchery trout from a heavily travelled roadside location while chomping on a stogie.

Far from it.

Instead, you’ll be in for an adventure.

Rich guides on otherwise undisclosed locations way off the beaten path. His instinct is to get as far from the hordes on the West Branch of the Ausable as possible, and in so doing, he’ll expose you to the amazing and largely under the radar fishery of the Northern Adirondacks.

You’ll need to be reasonably fit – a day with Rich starts early and usually involves a bit of hiking. You’ll be working your way upstream, always on the move, and learning every step of the way. Your guide will be sharing knowledge freely; reading the water, the behavior of trout, the local lay of the land, life cycles of insects, casting technique, line management, nature lore, and on and on and on…

Garfield has a unique, pragmatic, and very effective angling methodology, based on the attributes of two of his original flies; the Ausable Ugly (a nymph) and the Sirloin (a streamer). As your proficiency in making presentations of these flies grows, you’ll find yourself catching more fish that you would have thought possible. But when conditions warrant, Rich will tie on a dry fly too, or whatever else it takes to nab that wily brown trout lurking under the bank.

Your guide carries a heavy pack; fifty pounds or so of gear to handle every eventuality that might be encountered in the woods. He’s performed repairs to my favorite rod mid trip (though he carries an extra just in case), cooked a brookie that didn’t make it as a result of my over exuberant hook set, and has done whatever else it takes to ensure an excellent outing. Also in the pack – professional grade photographic equipment. Garfield is an accomplished and creative photographer, and will provide framing quality documentation of your latest lunker.

This guy is also good company. I’ve settled in to a routine of six guided trips per season, which over a number of years translates into a lot of time on the water. But even so, there’s never a moment when the whole thing gets repetitive or old.




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