Ugly Materials

Any brand 2x nymph hook
or nymph hook to suite
size of fly  desired.

Gray tying thread

Silver Ultra Wire
Brassie diameter

Spooling the Ultra wire to a
bobbin makes for easy
application of wire to
the body of fly.

Nickel beadhead
Use picture as guide to
size of bead to correspond to
hook size.

Attach beads to hooks
prior to tying.

Tooth brush with short bristles
to rough up the fly for a soft appearance.

Grizzly hen saddle hackle

Strip selected Grizzly hen saddle
feathers to expose 1/4 inch stem

Muskrat back fur for tail

Ugly Dubbing
Mixture of muskrat, raccoon and coyote fur
blended together in a coffee grinder.

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